Andrzej Słodkowski – I have chosen well, I have chosen Lubuskie!

Andrzej Słodkowski is a renown photographer, director and culture activist. He was born in Katowice where he graduated from the Postgraduate Photography School and the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. The world of the media has been his passion since his youngest years. His movies directed in 87 countries have been shown on many prestigious television networks. He is the author of a few series for Discovery Channel, e.g. "Solidarity. The Beginning of the Revolution", "The Backstage of Euro 2012", "The Secret World of Bodyguards". They were translated into many languages which made them available to millions on the global network.

He lived and worked in Northern America for more than 14 years. He shared his time among Toronto, San Francisco and other places of the world, which depended on where he actually directed his programs. He traveled around the world with the camera a few times. During one of such journeys, he created the popular Canadian series "Golf the World".

When he had returned to Poland, he chose Lubuskie Region as his place in the world! From the Agricultural Property Agency he bought a ruined, eighteenth-century palace and park complex in Długie, Commune of Szprotawa. Together with his wife, Elżbieta they had the complex repaired, and they organize there film workshops, artistic experiments based upon the creative potential of various cultural areas.

He also acted as the manager of the Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych [Movie Production Company] in Wrocław. He is the author of numerous photography albums, advertisements and promotion movies. His DVD about Poland is the basic promotion tool of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is available in a few dozens of Polish Embassies worldwide. He also directed a dynamic spot for the Orange Company; "Broadband Lubuskie" where he emphasized the uniqueness of our region.