Statue of Christ the King of Universe in Świebodzin

Statue of Christ the King of Universe is the highest in the world statue of Jesus Christ. It looks similarly to the famous monument of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, but the statue in Świebodzin is higher than that in Rio. The weight of the structure is estimated to more than 440 tons, and its total height exceeds 50 meters.

On November 26, 2000, the Town and County of Świebodzin confided their lot in Christ the King. The enthronization initiated by reverend prelate Sylwester Zawadzki, the then parish priest of the parish of Divine Mercy of Świebodzin, was preceded by Holy Missions in all the parishes of Świebodzin. In token of remembrance of that event and as a sign of faith of Świebodzin Region, in 2001 the priest began actions aimed at erecting in Świebodzin a monument of the height similar to that of Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. The statue was consecrated on November 21, 2010 by Zielona Góra-Gorzów Wielkopolski ordinary Stefan Regmunt, the field service was led by cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz, and the sermon was preached by metropolitan bishop of Szczecin and Kamień Pomorski, archbishop Andrzej Dzięga.

The statue in Świebodzin is six meters higher than that in Rio de Janeiro.  The monument in Rio de Janeiro is 38 meters high but the plinth is eight meters high whereas the Statue of Christ the King of the Universe is 36 meters high of which the statue of Jesus is 33 meters high, and the gilded crown wreathing the monument is three meters high. The monument has been erected on an artificially raised hill of 16.5 meters in height. The total height of the monument and the hill is thus 52.5 meters.

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(based on the information from the official website of the Statue of Christ the King)