The Michalina Wisłocka Park of Love in Lubniewice

Near the Old Castle of Lubniewice, on the Lubiąż Lake, there is the Michalina Wisłocka Park of Love. Dr. Michalina Wisłocka was the author of "Sztuka Kochania" the first sexology vademecum published in Poland. The trees in the park are more than one hundred years old. There are also many bushes and ornamental plants. The park is cut by a canal which links the Lubiąż Lake with a smaller lake situated in the lower part of Lubniewice. A bridge over the  canal  is a place where courting couples hang padlocks which symbolize the persistence of their relations.

The park alleys are lined with a dozen of wooden sculptures which present cuddling couples. On the wall, near the entrance to the park, a plaque reminds of Michalina Wisłocka, the patron of the place. You may relax on the Wisłocka's bench among impressive trees. 


Dr. Michalina Wisłocka (1921 - 2005) studied medicine and specialized in gynecology (infertility treatment, contraception, sexology). In the 1950s, she traveled all over Poland and arranged talks related to contraception. In 1957, she founded the Society of Birth Control, and in the 1970s she was active in the Family Planning Society.

Following lots of vicissitudes, "Sztuka kochania", the first Polish sexology vademecum was published in 1976. Wisłocka was then considered a scandalmonger as she dared include illustrations of sex positions in the book. Seven million books were sold and 'pirate copies' were distributed on bazaars. Wisłocka declared that she experienced great, erotically fulfilled love in Lubniewice.

Lubniewice is an attractive town located among lakes, in woods. It has long been popular among Lubuskie citizens and inhabitants of other regions of Poland. There are a few recreation centers and a modern spa. The local authorities try to develop the tourist infrastructure as they consider tourism a chance for development of the Commune. In Lubniewice, one may not only relax at a lakeside or angle. There are a few stud farms, many walking and cycling routes, and the Route of Legends and Tradition was awarded the title of "the tourist pearl of Lubuskie Province" for the best tourist product in 2012.

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