Międzyrzecz Fortified Region

Międzyrzecz Fortified Region is an imposing system of fortifications built by Germans in the years 1934-1944 for the purpose of protection of the eastern frontier of the Third Reich. You will find there interesting military structures and the largest underground fortifications in the world. In MFR there is also a unique reservation of bats where more than 30,000 bats of 12 species of the intriguing mammals hibernate in winter.

You are welcome to a virtual stroll arranged by the Commune of Międzyrzecz.

Międzyrzecz Fortified Region spreads over a distance of some 100 kilometers, from the vicinity of Skwierzyna via Kaława, Wysoka, Boryszyn, south of the Oder River. Its main part is formed by a system of underground tunnels built near Międzyrzecz. The length of the underground corridors is  estimated here for about 35 kilometers. A part of the MFR is open for tourists. One of the interesting underground routes is in Pniew, where you may visit also a skansen of military equipment and an exhibition of numerous exhibits related to the history and wildlife of the MFR. Another route begins on the so-called Boryszyn Loop near Boryszyn and it offers many variants of sightseeing.

Many nooks of the MFR have become a hideaway for bats which love the conditions of the underground parts of the system (constant temperature of approximately 10°C, constant humidity and darkness). About 30,000 of the interesting mammals spend winter there. It is due to protection of the bats which hibernates during the winter, most of the underground tunnels are available for tourists in the summer only, i.e. from April to October.

More information at: www.bunkry.pl

(on the basis of the information from the official website of the MFR)

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