Mużakowski Park

Mużakowski Park is the largest in Poland and Germany landscape park in English style. It was arranged in the early 19th century by a Prussian aristocrat, Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. It is one of the greatest achievements of the European gardening art. In 2004, it was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Mużakowski Park, also called the Park von Muskau, Muskauer Park or Fürst-Pückler-Park, covers the area of more than 700 hectares. It is situated in the valley of the Nysa Łużycka River, in the Landscape Park "Mużakow Bend", in the center of the "Mużakow Bend" Geopark. The most interesting tourist attractions are located near Bad Muskau, Saxony and in Łęknica, Żary County, Lubuskie Province. The central part of the Park is situated on the German side. There are residential buildings and gardens. On the Polish side there is a naturalistic park of the area of some 500 hectares. Both parts are connected by two bridges, i.e. The Double Bridge and the English Bridge.

The concept of the park is thoroughly planned, and it ideally links the elements of vegetation and the architectural objects. On the Polish side, the most significant attractions are the Arboretum with an imposing collection of woody plants and the parks: the outer park and the inner park, the park on terraces. On the German side, visitors should see the Park Castle, the Mountain Park located on a high alluvial terrace, over the Town of Bad Muskau and the Spa Park with a mineral water pump room.

The admittance to the Polish and German parts of the park is free. The park is open 24 hours a day and available for cyclists. The following is forbidden: motor vehicles, bonfires, damage to the park buildings and vegetation. In case of any risk of violent weather changes, e.g. gusty winds or storms, people should not stay in the park.

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(based on the information from the official website of the park; photos: Project: "I can see Lubuskie in colors" within the Program OP ECC Poland-Saxony)