The Route of Wooden Churches of the Bagpipe Region

The Route of Wooden Churches of the Bagpipe Region leads to the temples in Chlastawa, Klępsk and Kosieczyn which should be particularly interesting for folk architecture lovers. The route is some 23 kilometers long.

The filial Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Klępsk was built in the years 1367-1377. It is a single-aisle sacral building with a narrower presbytery with a tower of a post and beam construction and a brick vestry. The interior of the church is in Gothic-Renaissance style. The oldest element of the furnishing is the altar built about 1500. It has the form of a triptych, with a statue of the Madonna with the Infant Jesus. About 1613, the interior of the church was decorated with wall paintings of the Last Judgment and scenes from the Old and New Testament.

The Filial Church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary in Chlastawa was erected in 1637, and it is a historical monument of outstanding universal value. Together with the gate-belfry and the former cemetery it forms a beautiful sacral complex of exquisite historical features. It was profoundly renovated in the early 20th century, and a tower was built. In the 1980s, the 17th-century polychrome was renovated. It presents the scenes of the Last Judgment and foliage.

The Church of St. Simon and St. Thaddeus the Apostles in Kosieczyn was built in 1408 and it is, beside the church in Tarnowo Pałuckie, the second oldest wooden church in Poland. It was built in a rectangular plan with straight-closed presbytery on the eastern side which is extended by the vestry, added probably in the 17th century. It may be presumed that the temple was reconstructed numerous times on the plan of the original church.

Tourists should go along the regional road No. 304 which joins the national road No. 32 near Sulechów. On the regional road No. 304, there is the church in Klępsk. Then, one should drive in the direction of Zbąszynek where the regional road No. 304 joins the regional road No. 302. The second church of the route, in Kosieczyn, is located by this road. Then, one should drive along the road No. 302 to Chlastawa where the last of the churches of the route is located.

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