Water tourism

Lubuskie Province is often called "the land of five hundred lakes" although there are really about six hundred lakes here! Their total area is 13,400 hectares (nearly 33,113 acres). The Sławskie Lake, with the area of 8.28 square kilometers is the largest in the region. Other extremely popular lakes are Łagowskie, Niesłysz or Dąbie.

Numerous canoe routes run across Lubuskie Province. There are also well-equipped yachting centers. Canoeing-lovers may enjoy many havens and equipment rental stations. Smaller rivers with densely forested banks as well as lakes linked with canals form routes of various lengths and differentiated difficulty, and all of them create ideal conditions for canoe trips.

The Oder River, its left tributary, Kanał Zimna Woda [Cold Water Canal], Kanał Czerwony [Red Canal], or the destination of a real bird-lover, the Warta River Mouth National Park, crossed by the Warta River - all these are preferred by inexperienced canoeists who seek calm water with small, easy to overcome obstacles.

Different conditions, variable water levels and current speed, water obstacles, i.e. fallen trees, rapids, weirs, i.e. routes of medium difficulty level for canoeists with some experience are offered on e.g. the Paklica River. The distance of the river from Lubrza to Paradyż is a popular destination during weekend, family canoeing trips. The Sławskie Lake gives beginning to the Obrzyca River which is first difficult and then it slows down near the Górzykowskie vineyards. One of the rivers which a canoeist should try is the Pliszka River, a right tributary of the Oder River. The Pliszka starts in the Commune of Łagów and it flows across the entire Lubuskie lake region, across numerous lakes on its way. Although it is a difficult and wild river with many obstacles, river bars formed by remainders of mills, sawmills, smithies, its water is clean and transparent all the way down. It is very attractive for tourists, and the nature is astonishing with breeding areas of many species of water birds and lots of species of fish. The routes on the Pliszka River:

  • Gądków Wielki – Sądów- about 9 h
  • Sądów – Koziczyn – about 3 h
  • Koziczyn – Urad – about 3 h.

The canoeists who seek extreme impressions may enjoy very difficult routes where organized events are not offered. They may choose such rivers as Kłodawa, Lenka or Postomia.

The lakes are also anglers' paradise. Many of the lakes offer angling stands where you may catch imposing fish. Owing to the constantly improving water purity in the lakes, there are more and more fish of better and better quality. Anglers may take part in many fishing competitions of both local and national level.

Amateurs of water adventures are also welcome to Łagów, a small town called "the pearl of Lubuskie Region". It is proud of a beautiful, Gothic castle of the Order of St. John. The tower of the castle is worth climbing as the view on the dark-blue lake lined by dense, vividly green woods is really beautiful.  The castle which hosts a hotel is surrounded by a an atmospheric park. This charming, tiny medieval town situated between two lakes is extremely popular among tourists who seek a good place of relax.

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