Jerzy Owsiak - Woodstock is Lubuskie

Jerzy Owsiak is the founder and chairperson of board of directors of the Foundation of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and the originator of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final, the initiator of the Woodstock Festival, one of the biggest cyclical music events which has been being organized in Lubuskie Region for a dozen of years.

We feel good here at yours. We are very glad that we have been in Kostrzyn for ten years, and that we previously were in Żary. You have delicious food here and something to drink. The fame of your regional products has been widely spread. Lubuskie - we play here because its is nice and beautiful here. Jerzy Owsiak answers the question why the Woodstock Festival has been held in Lubuskie Region.


The first fund-raising in which Jurek Owsiak participated was organized spontaneously following the appeal of the cardiac surgeons from the Children's Memorial Health Institute to support financially purchase of medical equipment for dying children. In 1992, Jerzy Owsiak invited physicians to his program (Brum) of the 3rd Channel of the Polish Radio, and in each broadcast he reminded the listeners of the need for payments to the account. The action was carried on also during the Jarocin Festival which was organized in the same year. The positive social response and the amount of the money raised were the basis of changing the action into a legal form. In March 1993, Jerzy Owsiak initiated the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity whose 1st Final was held on January 3, 1993. Since then the Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is organized every year.



For his activities, Jerzy Owsiak was awarded the Commodore's Cross and the Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, and in 2006 he was awarded the Honorary Badge for the Contribution to the Development of Lubuskie Province.