Michalina Furtak - Lubuskie is my place

Misia Furtak was born in Zielona Góra, she spent a few years in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and went to high school in Warsaw. A composer, vocalist, lyrics writer and bassist. As a child, she learnt to play the violin, flute and piano. However, as a youngster, she decided to play the bass guitar. She is a winner of the prestigious Fryderyk award in the category of the 2011 debut. The following year, she was awarded another valuable prize - Paszport Polityki in the category of pop music. The audience know her primarily as the vocalist of the international group Très.b with which, in the years 2007-2012, she recorded three albums, i.e. "Scylla and Charybdis", "The Other Hand" and "40 Winks of Courage".


It is just beautiful here. While in Lubuskie Region, I can move to a different place said Michalina Furtak during the 5th Lubuskie Congress of Women where she performed.


Furtak cooperated with Dr.no, Bajzel, Lucky Fonz III or Envotion. Now, as Misia Ff, she continues her career of a soloist. Her first album "Epka", co-financed by Lubuskie Province was issued in October 2013. She wins the hearts of the audience  with her sensitiveness, naturalness and perfect performance.


Also for these features she was awarded the Grzegorz Ciechowski Prize in 2013. The European, multi-cultural dimension of her music was appreciated, and the jury stated that Misia Furtak skillfully balances between the hard and rock music, fragile and elusive. Misia Furtak is talented not only for music. She studied journalism in Zielona Góra and Warsaw. She cooperated with Belgian television within the scope of production of documentaries about Poland. Now, she runs her author program on Polish Radio RDC and publishes her texts in many Polish and foreign magazines.