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Traveling across Lubuskie Region, green land of wine and meadow, you may try the taste of passion, tradition and memory of the region. While listening to stories about Lubuskie, we learn the history of the region and its citizens. Wine making is also a lesson of humility for the nature, constant struggle against weather and learning persistence, which brings more and more exquisite effects. Wine is not a drink only anymore, it becomes a challenge, just like man. You never know what its character will be... Whimsical, unforeseeable, dependant of various influences and factors, evading man's control, sensitive to external factors... Lubuskie wine makers speak about each type of wine as about a special friend as it needs long and tender care before you may learn it. And when it finally has the appropriate garment, facture, color and depth, a travel along the (di)vine route becomes a stylish and tasty travel to the sources of human passion.

While planning the first trip to the Lubuskie vineyards, you may early in the morning give in to lazy charm of the moment leaving your vehicle in the port of Cigacice near Zielona Góra. It is here where you may set off for a more and more popular cruise on a scow along the Oder River and then the Obrzyca River. Remember to book your tickets as in the season many want to take the trip during which you may admire not only picturesque areas but also the abundance of the nature like nests of herons and storks. Along the route, a view spreads to the slopes of the vineyard of Górzykowo.

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Let the "Old Vine Hill" be your first stop. The vineyard owned by the Krojcig family is a paradise for the connoisseurs of wine and beauty, painters and glorifiers of the joyful art of life. The enchanting place offers a manor with hotel rooms, a restaurant whose menu will satisfy event the most discriminating taste, and a Wine Therapy Zone which offers sublime beauty treatments. It is the place where a contest of young wine takes place every year... The attention to every detail, abundance of tastes and harmonic esthetics following Horatio's idea are a feast for the body and soul. And a lyric note of the nostalgic Riesling or the exquisite completeness of Regent...

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When you satiate your eyes and palate, go back to your water-guide to the Lubuskie (di)vine tastes. The scow will take you to the Village of Wielobłota and, from there, to Łaz near Zabór with its large wine oasis. You will travel across the landscape reserve on... trailers padded with aromatic hay. For the lovers of rural charm the impressions are guaranteed. You may also easily reach the place by car. Its is some 15 kilometers away from Zielona Góra. 

At high noon you should visit the Miłosz Vineyard. It is a place completely different from Górzykowo. The nice owners dwell in a real, rural cottage, on wooden stairs you are greeted by four-legged friends and abundant vegetation. It seems time has stopped here for good - whenever you visit Miłosz you will feel as if it was a lazy Sunday. An ideal place for an afternoon picnic with friends, a stroll along old shrubs and tasting of the products or training at the Miłosz Academy. Only the worthy vitis vinifera vine is grown here. It comes from old seedlings, even from the 16th century! Miłosz is famous for the Zweigelt wine in the rich bouquet of which you will find the notes of cherry, pepper and gean. Be careful! You may lose your marbles for it.

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Right over the fence, there is another vineyard vibrantly called Ingrid. Its owners exchanged the jazz of the city for the peace of the nature and they follow the rhythm of the seasons of the year which determine the stages of production of the divine drink. Before we enter the vineyard itself, we pass a real treasury, a place where we may taste the liquid fruits of the whole year work, and visit a cool cellar where the wine delicacies mature. Further away, behind the building, a densely planted southern slope spreads. While walking along the vine lanes, we may revel endlessly with the view and sink into the fresh aroma. And every visitor understands why the owners decided one day to change the area behind the house, once covered with wild grass, into the vine, fruity land. Ingrid offers particularly tasting of such wines as Zweigel and St. Laurent, and white wines - Muller Thurgau and Riesling.

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From the area near Zabór, where the largest, owned by the self-government vineyard in Poland and the Lubuskie Winemaking Center are being built, you should go in the direction of Nowa Sól. The sunset will greet you in the Kinga Vineyard, the oldest one in the vicinity of Zielona Góra. The vineyard is run by the second generation of winemakers, i.e. the founders' daughter, Kinga Koziarska with her husband. They will tell us a story full of passion. A story not only about the techniques of growing vine but also about the struggle with the nature and... disasters. In the idyllic atmosphere, while tasting delicious grapes preserves (we particularly recommend jams, marinated vine leaves, plums and pears in wine), we may listen to an arresting story of survival and mettle. It is... vine which is the main character of the story. Up to 1997, dessert wines of the "Treasure of Panonnia" vine stock were made in this vineyard.  The flood that attacked Poland that year destroyed all the plants. It seemed that nothing might be saved but one small seedling miraculously survived - a tiny brave plant which gave new life to the vineyard. While listening to the owners' stories and watching their work, we realize from where the vine takes so much strength. Like the keeper, like the their living work …

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Kończy się dzień, ale to dopiero początek (nie)winnej podróży po Lubuskiem!

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